globylity is the first global marketplace for chemical leasing solutions. we connect suppliers with users and actively support solution implementation.

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selected platform benefits


we enable suppliers to increase profits, sales and customer acquisition by displaying sustainable chemical leasing solutions around the globe.


we allow users to find, compare and choose the best sustainable chemical leasing solutions and enable their implementation through access to expert consultants.


we drive the reduction of co2 and other emissions, reduce resource consumption and the risk of accidents.

additional selected benefits

  • less resources
  • co2 certificate
  • innovation
  • customer loyalty
  • cost reduction
  • image
  • improved workplace safety

we are helping to create a more sustainable and climate-friendly future by making chemical use more efficient.

as the first global digital marketplace for chemical leasing solutions, we aim to make this sustainable and innovative business model easily accessible to new and previously unreached target groups and to tap into new markets.

tailored to chemical users’ and producers’ needs, the globylity platform provides seamless sales and purchase processes and supports the implementation of solutions. This allows our users to unlock the full potential of chemical leasing for their businesses.

our unique benefits

first and only global marketplace for chemical leasing solutions

unique access to government and non-governmental organizations

strong international network

team with extensive industry expertise & backgrounds incl. lobbying, marketing, tech., chemistry

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globylity as the first digital marketplace for chemical leasing solutions connecting suppliers with users and actively supporting implementation. worldwide. digital. business solutions anywhere at any time directly out of your pocket even with your smart phone. the end of your tedious manual search for the right business partner. reduce your travel expenses and time for partly unsuccessful business meetings to find the really right partner for your business. worldwide. digital. look forward to the next step for suppliers and users of chemicals as a service. do business from anywhere in the world with our platform.

discover new or previously hidden markets all over the world and increase your business while acting sustainably. we are bringing supplier and user together to optimize the chemical consumption through the worldwide proven business model chemical leasing. cost reduction and quantity reduction for supplier and user. supported by a team and a database of proofed consultants. expand your international network with one click. your personal game changer?

why chemical leasing?

the chemical industry is one of the biggest world-wide, contributes to almost every sector of the economy and has sales estimated to reach €6.3 trillion globally by 2030. but the industry is increasingly scrutinized by policymakers and the public with respect to its sustainability and environmental impact. this calls for new approaches and business models - models like chemical leasing.

launched by the united nations industrial development organization (unido) and supported by the austrian government, the chemical leasing model drives collaboration, sustainability and efficiency in the use of chemicals. given the size of the sector, substantial social, environmental and business benefits can be generated.

the chemical leasing model is not the leasing of chemicals.

the official chemical leasing definition by the unido states “chemical leasing is a service-oriented business model that shifts the focus from increasing sales volume of chemicals towards a value-added approach. the producer mainly sells the functions performed by the chemical and functional units are the main basis for payments”.

in other words, the main unit of transaction is not the quantity of the chemical used but the outcome or service that the application of a chemical produces. in this sense, chemical leasing could be described as a “chemicals as a service” model.

the model has a range of advantages for producers, users and the environment/health (win-win-win). most notably:

improves efficient use of chemicals while reducing associated risks

drives economic performance of participating companies

meaningful reduction of negative environmental impact

the model achieves this by incentivising closer collaboration between suppliers and users with the key tenets/main principles of proper benefit sharing, high quality standards and mutual trust.

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